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Police Ordnance - Weekley Specials

GLOCK 22P Red Practice Pistols 

Now available to individuals 
The GLOCK 22P Pistols are Restricted Firearms

Practice Pistol







Price: $599.00

GLOCK practice pistols are functional in terms of loading, unloading, "Safe Action" trigger operation, manual manipulation of the slide and field stripping/disassembly. Live ammunition fire is prevented by safety features, such as serially matched plugged barrels, deactivated firing pin and solid breech-face with no firing pin hole. The chamber located safety valve equally serves as a loaded chamber indicator.

GLOCK practice pistols are an invaluable tool to practice the manual of arms for GLOCK pistols, for demonstration purposes, and for dry firing techniques, even in non-range environments. The plugged barrel is lightened by horizontal bores to preserve the same balance as live pistols.

The red pistol frame indicate a dedicated practice instrument.

  • Caliber: .40 S&W
  • Barrel: 114 mm
  • Trigger, NY1 
  • Shots: 10
  • Class: Restricted Firearm
  • Sights: GLOCK Fixed Sights
  • Condition: New in Box! 
  • Shots Fired: None
  • Warranty - Full GLOCK New Pistol Warranty 

    Supplied with the following items:
    GLOCK Magazine Speed Loader
    GLOCK Cleaning Rod
    GLOCK Cleaning Brush
    GLOCK Pistol Box
    GLOCK Owners Manual

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