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DOCTER® Sight II Plus 

Docter Sight II Plus  Docter Sight II Plus DOT   Docter Military L.E. Sight

The revolutionary DOCTER® Sight II Plus, absolutely the smallest "tubeless sight" available.

  • parallax-free
  • tough and splash proof or waterproof
  • shockproof 
  • automatic electronic brightness regulation
  • compact and lightweight 
  • exact windage and elevation adjustment mechanism
  • power saving mode
  • easy mounting

PDF Specification Sheet DOCTER Sight (648.13 kb)
PDF DOCTER Sight English Operating Instruction (154 kb)
PDF DOCTER Sight Deutsch Operating Instruction (154.23 kb)

The DOCTER® Sight II Plus is small 46 x 25.4 x 23.7mm and light weight 25g. The DOCTER® Sight II Plus is designed to be a high quality, extremely rugged precision DOT Sight that is adaptable to any firearm. The DOCTER® Sight II Plus is extremley rugged and shock proof, designed to withstand 1000 G's of recoil. The DOCTER® Sight II Plus is designed to withstand the elements and is offered in two levels of Water resistance; the sporting model is splash proof and the Military / Law Enforcement model is designed to be Waterproof.

Precision engineered using anodized Aluminum for the main body, blackened Stainless Steel for the optical lens housing, chrome plated brass for the windage, elevation adjustment and locking screws and gold plated electrical contacts. 

Superior Optics

The DOCTER® Sight II Plus utilizes two highly polished, optical quality glass lenses sandwiched together and solidly set in the frame of the sight. A specially formulated DOCTER multi-coating is applied between the lenses, which protects the coating from scratches and abrasions. This coating assures a bright, clear sight picture, greatly reduces distracting, over-the-shoulder glare on the lenses, and eliminates parallax out to 40 yards.

Separate Windage and Elevation Sight Adjustments

Windage and elevation adjustments are made through the use of two unobtrusive screws located on the frame of the sight. The settings then are locked solidly in place with two set screws, assuring that they do not "shoot loose" during recoil of even the largest handgun calibers. A generous adjustment range: Elevation 720cm/100m, Windage 540cm/100m with an adjustment value of 1.0 MOA 3cm/100m facilitates mounting and sight-in adjustments. 

For Handgun, Rifles or Shotguns
While the DOCTER® Sight II Plus is perfect for all types of handguns, it is also an excellent choice for quick handling, relatively short-range rifles and carbines where shots will be within 150 meters. The shooter does not need to align the rear sight, front sight and the target. He simply places the red dot on the target and fires. Mounted on shotguns, the DOCTER® Sight II Plus is a superb choice for deer or turkey hunting guns.

The Ideal CQB Sight

The DOCTER® Sight II Plus is well suited for Law Enforcement and Military applications as a primary CQB sight. For close quarters engagements the DOCTER® Sight II Plus provides one of the fastest target acquisition sights available. The DOCTER® Sight II Plus is used with both eyes open. Custom mounts are available to meet the demanding requirements of Law Enforcement and Military applications.


Overall Dimensions: 46mm L by 25.4mm W by 23.7mm H. Weight: 25 grams.
Operating and Storage Temperatures: Fully functional in a temperature range from -25ºC to +40ºc. The sight can be stored in temperatures ranging from -40ºC to 70ºC.
Shockproof to withstand 1000g recoil force.

Available models:

Sporting model 3.5 MOA (3.5cm) DOT @ 100 meters
LE / Military model 3.5 MOA (3.5cm) DOT @ 100 meters
Sporting model 7 MOA (20cm) DOT @ 100 meters
LE / Military model 7 MOA (20cm) DOT @ 100 meters


A wide selection of standard and custom designed mounts is available to mount the DOCTER® Sight II Plus to any firearm. Please contact us for your specialized requirements.

DOCTER® Sight II Plus - Warranty Information

The strong, all metal construction of the DOCTER® Sight II Plus, combined with hardened glass lenses, means long, trouble-free service for its owner. The DOCTER® Sight II Plus is covered by a Limited Two Year Repair Warranty.

Accessories Provided: Protective snap on - slide off cover, a small screw driver with calibrated disk for setting precision windage and elevation, an Allen wrench, and mounting screws.

Docter Sight II Plus


Docter Sight II Plus Diagram

Docter DOT

Docter Sight II Plus

The Standard models are perfect for Sport Shooting and Hunting applications. The standard models are "Splash-Proof".

Docter Military L.E. Sight Docter Military L.E. Sight
The Military / Law Enforcement models are a "ruggedized" and version of the standard model. The Military / Law Enforcement models are "Waterproof" for greater protection from the elements.

For hunting they are excellent for stalking game and for target shooting. They are unbeatable on small arms. For Law Enforcement they offer outstanding performance and durability.

The optical system of the DOCTER® Sight II Plus consisting of two polished glass lenses helps to avoid parallax errors.

  • The DOCTER® Sight II Plus has been adjusted for 40 meters of parallax free distance. The cleverly devised two-component optics made of glass deliver a brilliant image and ensure perfect target acquisition.

    Automatic Brightness Adjustment

  • An integrated brightness sensor automatically adjusts the illumination of the aiming Dot to the environment. The sensor automatically adjusts the intensity of the sight's Dot so that the Dot does not flare in the darkness and,  is at the perfect illumination level in darkness, in low light, in daylight and in bright sunshine.

Sound and Sturdy

Electronic and mechanical components of the DOCTER® Sight II Plus are designed to be splash-proof. Waterproof on the LE/Military models. High-quality material such as stainless steel and high strength hardened aluminum alloy is used for manufacturing the mechanical parts.

The small overall height of the DOCTER® Sight II Plus enables the sighting line and the bore of the barrel to lie closely together, thus reaching particularly high accuracy of aim at different distances. The large lens segment and the cleverly designed narrow frame facilitate an error-free and relaxed aiming.

Innovative Precision

For adjusting height and lateral position the position of the sight mark this can be sensitively adjusted backlash-free by means of set spindles with end stops. The wide square adjustment area of 720 cm in height at 100 m is guaranteed.

Long Rifle and Small Arms

The use with small arms enables an extremely quick shot sequence because the sight can be attached far more at the rear as compared with conventional reflecting sights. The benefit of being able to take aim with the two eyes open becomes particularly evident in sports or stalking game - the large real visual field creates reserves of reaction speed and sureness of aim.

Mounting Plates

Different mounting plates, specially manufactured for each of the different firearm types, enable a large range of applications for the DOCTER® Sight II Plus on any long rifle, shotgun or handgun as well as special application systems such as the ARWEN Less Lethal System.

Custom manufactured "Tandem" mounts are available for optical sights such as the Trijicon ACOG family of sights.
Custom Mount  Custom Mount 

Sporting Rifle

Wild Boar

Rifle Mount

Available Standard Mounts

Competition Pistol Mount

Pistol Mount

DOCTER® riflescopes


Attain perfection by continuously improving the good: Riflescopes made by DOCTER are masterpieces of techniques and technology. They are founded on years of experience in creating optical systems with optimal projection efficiency. Large-scale optical components guarantee high-capacity first class optics.

DOCTER riflescopes are extensively tested and subject to thorough quality controls - piece by piece. Offering a wide range of models and individual types, DOCTER riflescopes are to be used for all kinds of hunting and can be mounted to different types of weapons.

The chain of competence from development, construction and production up to quality assurance stands for best optical-mechanical efficiency. The riflescopes are shot-proof. Certified according to DIN ISO 9001. 

 RIFLESCOPES - generally for hunting  (reticle in the first image plane)   

VZF 1-4x24  
VZF 1,2-5x32  
VZF 1,5-6x42  
VZF 2,5-10x48  
VZF 3-12x56


ZF 6x42  
ZF 8x56


VZF 2,5-10x48  
VZF 3-12x56  
ZF 8x56

 RIFLESOPES - generally for target shooting (reticle in the second image plane)    


DOCTER®   binoculars

DOCTER®   binoculars range offers pairs of binoculars of high performance being ideal for a
large field of application:
for hunting, forestry, expeditions, shipping, sports, mountain tours, hiking, wildlife observations, ornithology,
building and construction industry etc.

All binoculars  of DOCTER®
dispose of high optical performance parameters.
Owing to the large variety of models, the user will surely find the appropriate  binocular for themself.

 Roof edge prism - Binoculars  
DOCTER® -Binoculars for Professionals 

7x40 B 
10x40 B

COMPACT- Binoculars

8x22 CSP 
10x25 CSP


8x42 B/CF 
10x42 B/CF

Porro -Binoculars

 Monukular  8x21

DOCTER® ASPECTEM observation spyglasses


DOCTER®  Aspectem 80/500 mono
DOCTER®  Aspectem 80/500 bino
DOCTER® Aspectem 60/375 mono

Binoculare and monuculare Spyglass

PDF Specification Sheet - ASPECTEM Spyglass (445.22 kb)
PDF (82.03 kb)

  • Elegance and brilliance in optic.The high-capacity observation spyglass "ASPECTEM" will become your indispensable companion when you want to make out precise details at long range.
  • Due to the approved and technically perfect construction, the spyglass is very easy to handle
  • The optical system has especially been developed and conceived for these types of spyglasses and it guarantees excellent detail recognition at long range
  • ASPECTEM spyglasses with slight aluminium die cast body are 100% reliable, climate resisting, splashproof and highly weather- and dustproof. The surface of lens barrels and prism casings is grained and looks very elegant and leather-like





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