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BEAMSHOT Professional Laser Sighting System

Police Ordnance appointed Canadian Distributor of Beamshot Products

GreenBeam 2000 Laser Sight

GreenBeam 2000

BEAMSHOT® GreenBeam 2000

The BEAMSHOT GreenBeam is the most innovative of the laser gun sights available of today. This is the FIRST of the laser gun sight manufactured with a GREEN laser beam. The Green in the GreenBeam2000 says it all: this color is one of the most sensitive to the human eyes. The 532nm green laser diode, along with exceptional glass optics, produces a 1-mile nighttime range and is even visible in broad daylight. It is 20 times brighter than red laser gun sights, making it far more superior. The GreenBeam2000 also out performs other green laser gun sights in a smaller, more affordable unit. The dot size is smaller than 1.75 inches precision dot at 100 yards. It is also easily adjusted, with windage and elevation adjustment screws that are slotted for adjustment with a coin or a screwdriver. The GreenBeam2000 delivers unmatched target acquisition anytime, all the time.

Greenbeam video during mount testing and laser testing video 1(860KB) | video 2 (3.37MB)

 Available color:  Black and silver
 Dimensions (L x ø):  5.33" x 1.54"
 Weight:  3.0oz. -  Incl. battery
 Construction:  Aluminum 6061 T6
 Battery:  1 CR123A 3V lithium
 Battery burn time:  Approx. 4 hrs. constant "ON"
 Wavelength / Range:  632nm / 1 mile (Nighttime range)
 Operation:  Removable finger-touch pressure switch & 10" cable
 Output power:  CL IIIa, CW mode
 Dot Size:  Smaller than 1 3/4 precision dot a @ 100 yards
 Windage & elevation adjustment:  3 ft. @ 10 yards, 30 ft. @ 100 yards

Closed off click
Distinct lockdown screw
Loss prevention cable
Tactical grade activation cord

M1 Mount - included with GreenBeam 2000 Laser Sight

M1 Mount

M1 Mount

1. Mounts to standard 7/8" Weaver base and Picatinny
rail without tools.

For BEAMSHOT 1000,1001U, 3000, 5000, 6000, 6500 and GreenBeam1000, 2000 Laser Sights.




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