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Sales to Private Individuals

We are often contacted by individuals asking: "Do you sell your products to individuals?"

Although our primary focus is to provide leading edge products and services to Law Enforcement and Government Agencies including their members, we do offer products to the civilian market. We often have Agency pre-owned firearms that we offer to the civilian market. Due to Canadian firearms legislation some of our products are not available to the civilian market. Products such as short barrelled (unless they are "12-6 grandfathered") hand guns, select fire firearms (including their prohibited components) and sound suppressors (silencers) are not available to the civilian market.

ARWEN Less Lethal System products are available only to Law Enforcement Agencies.

New products are available from your local Stocking Dealer.

Individual Officer Program - Do you Qualify?

Products from Advantage Arms, Docter Optic, EOTech, Peltor, Police Ordnance Tactical Lights, most Surefire and Tibor Tactical products typically have no restriction for civilian ownership. Most Trijicon products are available to the civillian market with the exception of some models deemed to be US Military critical component items i.e. the TA01-NSN or any product with the NSN suffix which require US Department of State Export License are typically not available to the individual.

Please review our Specials section for additional information and current offerings.

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  • January 2007

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