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Individual Officer Program


Police Ordnance is able to provide special pricing on Advantage Arms, Beamshot, Docter, EOTech, Glock, Peltor, ST Action Pro, Surefire and Trijicon products to not only Public Agencies, but also the personnel who currently serve with these agencies.

If you are a current or retired officer of a public law enforcement agency, military member, fire service member, emergency services member, search and rescue service member or a provincial or federal crown attorney; you are eligible for special pricing Advantage Arms, Beamshot, Docter, EOTech, Glock, Peltor, ST Action Pro, Surefire and Trijicon products.

Individual Officer Program - IOP

The IOP program allows serving and retired members involved in law enforcement, military and public safety to purchase products at a special IOP price.  As an example this would include members from the follow type agencies.

  • Peace Officer or Public Officer (Law Enforcement)
  • Correctional Officer
  • Canadian Forces (Military)
  • Firefighter / Fire Marshal
  • Ambulance / Paramedics - Licenced Paramedics employed by a government agency are elligible.
  • Conservation/Environment  Officer
  • Federal & Provincial Law Enforcement Officer
  • Crown Attorney
  • Nuclear Security Officer


  1. Must have official identification for the agency you are associated with.
  2. When purchasing firearms, must hold a valid Canadian Firearms Licence.
  3. Each member is eligible to purchase limited quantities under the program per calendar year.

Copies of the above documents must be provided to Police Ordnance at time of order.

Please contact our IOP sales specialist for more information on the IOP program and to inquire if you qualify for this program. Provide us with the details of which Advantage Arms, Beamshot, Docter, EOTech, Glock, Peltor, ST Action Pro Surefire and Trijicon product(s) you are interested in along with a brief background of what public service you belong to and what your current status is with this service.


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