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Ballistic Police Helmet

Gentex Ballistic Police Helmets provide protection for law enforcement officers against ballistic threats. Manufactured using a proprietary process, the ballistic helmet shell exceeds the V50 requirement of the U.S. military specification for Personal Armor System Ground Troops (PASGT) Helmet, MIL-H-44099A.

Additionally, the shell has demonstrated the ability to meet Threat Level II, when tested in accordance with NIJ Standard 0106.01 for Police Ballistic Helmets.

Improved Retention System for Tactical Operations

The Ballistic Police Helmet features an adjustable, integrated chin/nape strap with left and right side quick release buckles and a leather lined plastic chincup. Manufactured of tubular nylon webbing, the retention system combines with a neoprene impact pad in the rear of the helmet to improve stability of the helmet system during tactical and emergency response operations.

Improved Comfort

Wearability of the helmet system has been improved by adding a comfort headband and crown pad to the suspension system and an energy absorbing liner to the shell.

Adaptable to Riot Faceshield

. When custom fitted to the helmet, the Aetco FS40 faceshield passes the impact protection and fastening system test for Riot Faceshields as specified in NIJ Standard 0104.02, making the system ideally suited for riot-type operations. The helmet is compatible with all U.S. and NATO approved protective masks and night vision goggles.

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Tactical Ballistic Helmet (TBH)
Meeting the requirements of Special Operations Forces!

Download the TBH Data Sheet
You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The Gentex Tactical Ballistic Helmet was created from requests by Special Operations Forces who required the protection and reliability of our PASGT helmet, but with certain enhanced features.

The TBH offers the following advantages over the U.S. Army PASGT helmet:

  • Increased ballistic protection with less head-borne weight;
  • A reduced profile resulting in better peripheral and look-up field of vision for improved situational awareness;
  • Improved interface to ballistic vests, goggles, communications, headsets, gas masks and shoulder fired weapon sights;
  • Improved stability and comfort utilizing a 4 point fully adjustable retention system;
  • Two suspension systems available: adjustable size pad style, or headband and strap;
  • Provides impact attenuation (velocity of 10 feet per second (FPS) not to exceed 150 g's).

The TBH is available in sizes small, medium, large and extra-large, fitting the 5th to 99th percentile of the population range.

The TBH conforms to U.S. Military Standard V50 2150 FPS.
Level III A includes the ballistic threats of 9mm, 124 gr. FMJ at 1400 FPS, and the .44 Magnum, 240 gr. SWC at 1400 FPS in accordance with the NIJ standard 0106.01.

Tactical Communications Helmet (TCH)
For use in armored & amphibious vehicles, and Rigid Inflatable Boats.

Designed for improved operability in harsh maritime environments, the Tactical Communications Helmet (TCH) offers reliable performance for a variety of applications.

Originally built for the U.S. Navy Special Boat Units, the TCH helmet meets the performance requirements of MIL-H-44117, and provides the following features:

Lightweight snug fitting inner helmet liner made of fire retardant materials, complete with ventilated bump absorbing pads.

The communication system consists of ballistic fragmentation earcups that provide sound attenuation and contain the earphone elements; a flexible boom microphone assembly that can be positioned on the left or right side, upper cable with push-to-talk switch and bail out connector.

One of the earcups can be removed for enhanced situational awareness and the entire communication system can be removed without tools to allow washing of the inner helmet liner.
All connections and switches are sealed for improved water proofing.
Communications can be tailored to interface with a variety of radios or intercoms along with the appropriate interfacing cables. Active Noise Reduction (ANR) is also available upon request.

The TCH size medium/large fits the 5th to 95th percentile population and is adaptable to Gentex CVC style shells ranging from Bump protection to ballistic levels of V50 2150 feet per second when tested in accordance with Mil-Std-662.

The EPS-21 Goggle System
For tactical forces

Download the data sheet for tactical forces.
You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The EPS-21® Goggle System is now being offered by Gentex to provide protection to military and police personnel against sun, wind, dust, and ballistic fragmentation. Protection against laser radiation is also available.

The system consists of a goggle frame, a choice of straps, a clear ballistic lens, a wide range of easily installed outsert lenses, an optional corrective lens frame insert, and a nylon carrying case for stowing the goggle and accessory lenses. Originally designed to meet stringent performance requirements of the Israeli Defense Force for combat goggles, the EPS-21 system is their current, standard issue goggle.

The EPS-21 Goggle includes:

  • Choice of standard or limited-vent frame
  • Choice of universal or skier-style strap
  • Clear ballistic lens
  • Neutral gray sunshade outsert lens
  • Choice of green or black carrying case

Additional outsert lenses, laser protective lenses, and prescription lens insert are accessory items.

EPS-21 Goggle System Advantages

  • Optically clear molded 4mm ballistic lens with an anti-fog coating protects against spall fragmentation well in excess of military specifications while providing UV shielding.
  • Low profile, sleek design allows for a wide range of view while ensuring compatibility with a variety of helmets, weapon sights, and targeting systems.
  • Unique outsert lens design incorporates quick change capability to meet different light management requirements of the wearer. Optional sunshade, contrast enhancement, and laser protection outserts also provide additional ballistic protection with no parallax induced optical degradation.
  • Prescription lens insert eliminates the common problem of fitting goggles over spectacles.
  • Universal strap arrangement can be easily changed allowing the goggles to adapt to a variety of helmet systems and headgear.
  • Standard vent frame and antifog coating help reduce fogging even during operations of a static nature.
  • Rigid nylon frame with soft conforming silicone seal sits comfortably, cleans easily, resists chemical and environmental corrosion, and maintains lasting durability.

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