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S.T. Action Pro Inc.

Police Ordnance is the authorized S.T. Action Pro products distributor in Canada

Dummy Rounds, Tactical Gear, ST Action Pro

S.T. Action Pro Inc. was developed by law enforcement professionals who are dedicated to offering the finest products and training for those who operate in tactical or dangerous environments. We are experienced and aware of the many tactical and training challenges you face on a daily basis and understand you need real solutions, not gimmicks. Our professional staff is standing by to provide any assistance you may need.

Action Trainers are used for:

  • Malfunction drills
  • Diagnosing shooting problems
  • Gun handling drills
  • Classroom work

S.T. Action Pro Inc. is the developer and manufacturer of the patented Action Trainer Dummy Round. The Action Trainers have been recognized as the finest, most durable dummy rounds available. The Action Trainers' composite design ensures safety with durability. Action Trainers have been utilized by Law Enforcement, Military, Security and Training Agencies worldwide since 1999.

The rounds feature:

  • Color and design make them visible regardless of terrain
  • Will glow brilliantly under black or blue light
  • Brass case eliminates rim breakage
  • One-piece ABS insert will not compress
  • Recessed primer hole prevents damage to your firing pin

S.T. Action Pro Dummy Rounds feature a Nickel Brass Case with ABS plastic insert (Orange or Yellow) makes the round highly visible. The Brass case eliminates rim breakage and the one piece ABS insert will not compress.

Action Trainer Rounds

.40 Caliber Yellow
Action Trainer Rounds

.40 Caliber Orange
Action Trainer Rounds

.45 ACP
Action Trainer Rounds

.45 GAP Brass Case
Action Trainer Rounds

.45 G.A.P Nickel
Action Trainer Rounds

.357 Sig
Action Trainer Rounds

.38 Special
Action Trainer Rounds

.223 Cal (5.56mm)
Action Trainer Rounds

.308 Cal (7.62mm)
Action Trainer Rounds

12 Gauge
Action Trainer Rounds

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