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Police Ordnance MTL-225 Tactical Weapon Light

MTL-225 Tactical Weapon Light click on image to view a high resolution image      click on image to view a high resolution image     Go to the MTL-225 Photo Gallery 



The new MTL-225 Tactical Forend Light is precision device designed to stand up to the high demands of Military and Law Enforcement applications. The MTL-225 employs an extremely bright white light Cree XRE LED that produces a 225 Lumen 35mm light output beam that illuminates objects to over 100 meters from the operator.

The MTL-225 was designed to withstand the recoil forces of sustained fire of a 7.62 Weapon and has been tested to withstand in excess of 5,000 rounds of full automatic fire without failure. The MTL-225 is waterproof to a depth of 5 meters in the constant on mode. The MTL-225 will withstand a drop test of 8 meters (power off).

The MTL-225 is designed to mount to a Picatinny rail on the Weapon Forend to provide a solid vertical grip for the Weapon. The MTL-225 operates in three modes of the main switch - off - momentary on - constant on. In the momentary on position the main LED light is activated by two pressure pads on the vertical grip allowing ambidextrous operation. In the constant on position the main LED is on until switched off. Unlike conventional lights the MTL-225 LED is an instant on at the full 225 Lumen output.

The MTL-225 has two 15 Lumen Navigation LEDs activated by a separate pressure switch at the rear of the main housing. These Navigation light provide light in low - no light conditions where the main light is not required.

Visit the MTL-225 Photo Gallery to see the MTL-225 mounted on various Weapon platforms. We are constantly updating this Photo Gallery and suggest you visit the Photo Gallery often.

MTL-225 High Output 225 Lumen LED Tactical Forend Weapon Light




Police Ordnance MTL-225

Output Power - Main Light:

225 Lumens – over 100 meters range for beam

Color Temperature - Main Light:

5,800 ~ 6,000 Kelvin – White Light

Beam Diameter - Main Light:

35mm at origin

LED - Main Light:

Infrared Compatible:

Extra Bright Cree XRE Series LED


 Run Time - Main Light:

>60 min constant – new Batteries

LED Life Rating - Main Light:

10,000 hours intermittent – >2,000 constant

Navigation LED:

Two 15 Lumen integrated Navigation LED’s

Switch Operation- Main Light:

Momentary ON – OFF – Constant ON

Pressure Switch Vertical Grip:

2 x Activates Main Light when pressed

Pressure Switch Rear Housing:

1 x Activates Navigation LED’s


Body: 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum, Fiber Nylon

Lens: 4mm Clear Polycarbonate Lens

Drop Resistance:

8 Meters – in power off mode


5 Meters submerged - power on or off


Body: Hard Anodize Type III Mil Spec.








490g without batteries


Picatinny Rail compatible quick attachment type

Battery Type:

2 x CR123A or EL123A 3 Volt Lithium Batteries Required

Supplied Batteries:

Batteries not included with MTL-225

Rechargeable Battery:

NO – Rechargeable Batteries will damage unit.

Surefire Batteries:

NO – These create high heat potential and will damage unit

Download MTL-225 Users Manual

For additional information contact an MTL-225 Sales Representative.

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