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ARWEN® Tools

Maintenance of the ARWEN Less Lethal System is crucial to ensure reliability and operational readiness. We offer basic and advanced tools for the maintenance of the ARWEN Less Lethal System.

Basic ARWEN Tools

  • A 37mm Brass Cleaning Brush is used for ensuring the barrel on the ARWEN is cleaned properly with out damage to the anodized surface. The ARWEN Brush is a recommended tool for every ARWEN Operator and Armourer.
  • The ARWEN Less Lethal System contains metric screws. The ARWEN Operator and Armourer should have 3 and 4 mm hex wrenches in their ARWEN tool kit.
  • The ARWEN Breech Block Spring Disassembly and Assembly Tool is the ideal tool for the disassembly and reassembly of the ARWEN breech block.

Advanced ARWEN Tools

  • The ARWEN Laser Bore Sighting Tool. This tool provides an easy to use method to "Bench Sight" an ARWEN Less Lethal Launcher. Point of Aim - Point of Impact must be confirmed using operational rounds.
  • The ARWEN Guide Arm Alignment Tool is designed to assist the ARWEN Armourer in realigning a damaged ARWEN 37 Guide Arm.
  • The ARWEN Rear Tube Swaging Tool is designed to repair a dented rear tube on an ARWEN Less Lethal Launcher.

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