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ARWEN® Parts

The ARWEN Less Lethal System is fully supported with the immediate availability of spare replacement parts. We fully support every generation of the ARWEN Less Lethal System. Every ARWEN Less Lethal Launcher may be serviced with Original Equipment replacement parts.

Please click the following links to view exploded diagrams of the ARWEN 37 Multi-Shot Launcher. 

37mm ARWEN Less Lethal System Spare Parts for the ARWEN 37 
Part Number Part Description
C32001 Breech Block Assembly (complete, link assemble not included)
32002-Mk I Breech Block - Mk I
C32002 Breech Block - Mk II or Mk III
C32092 Firing Pin Assembly (firing pin, washer and return spring)
C32006 Firing Pin
C32011 Firing Pin Washer (seating)
C32014 Firing Pin Return Spring
C32004 Sear Actuating Pin  (3mm x 14.5mm)
C32010 Sear
C32005 Sear Axis Pin  (3mm x 9.5mm)
C32003 Sear Housing
C32008 Indexing Catch Plunger
C32013 Indexing Catch Plunger Spring
SP 2x8 Spring Pin 2mm x 8mm (indexing catch plunger retaining)
C32009 Release Plunger  (2.5mm x 9mm)
C32012 Firing Pin Spring
C32015 Sear Spring 
C32007 Spring Retaining Pin  (3mm x 32mmm)
C32019 Indexing Catch
C32022 Indexing Catch Axis Pin  (5mm x 28mm)
SP 3x12 Spring Pin 3mm x 12mm (indexing catch axis retaining)
32023 Buttstock
C32023 Buttstock-Short 
C32026 Buttstock Locking Pin
C35019 Link Assembly (front link, rear link, toggle pin)
C32024 Front Link
C32025 Rear Link
C32029 Toggle Pin  (6mm x 17mm)
C32027 Front Link Pin  (6mm x 18mm)
C32028 Rear Link Pin  (6mm x 37mm)
C32030 Pistol Grip Assembly  (includes rear sight assembly, ring spring and trigger guard)
C32032 Pistol Grip
C32044 Trigger Guard
C32068 Ring Spring
C32031 Rear Sight Blade
C32074 Grommet, Rear Sight
C32045 Sight Axis Pin
C32046 Sight Zeroing Screw
C32048 Sight Spring
SP 2x14 Spring Pin 2mm x 14mm (sight axis pin retaining)
32049 Front Sight Assembly (front sight blade and sleeve)
32050 Front Sight Blade
C35112 Front Sight Sleeve
32085 Front Sight Mount Assembly  (with sight zeroing screw & insert) 
HEXM4X10 Hexagon Socket Head Screw M4 x 0.7 x 10 (sight mount)
C32052 Rotary Magazine (Sprocket) Assembly
32088 Rear Sprocket - MK I  (complete)
C32088 Rear Sprocket - MK II or MK III (complete) 
32061 Front Sprocket - Mk I
C32061 Front Sprocket - Mk II or Mk III
C32087 Guide Arm
C32063 Central Tube Assembly (includes plunger spring and spring pin)
C32064 Central Tube
C32059 Plunger Spring
SP 4x18 Spring Pin 4mm x 18mm (central tube)
C32056 Plunger Assembly (with spring pins installed)
C32058 Plunger
SP 2.5x12 Spring Pin 2.5mm x 12mm (plunger)
C32054 Plunger Stop Pin  (3mm x 10mm)
C32055 Shuttle Pin  (3mm x 7mm)
C32060 Sprocket Torsion Spring
Circlip Circlip
34804 Front Grip Assembly, with bushing and set screw
C34804 Front Grip Assembly, with bushing and set screw - Integral Weaver Mounts
C32066 Front Grip Locating Pin  (2.5mm x 6mm)
HEXM6X8 Hexagon Set Screw M6 x 1.0 x 8mm (front grip)
32071 Sling Assembly (original ARWEN)
C32071 Sling Assembly TTS A37 NEW
A37AM3 Accessory Mount for ARWEN 37 Mark I and Mark II UK Manufactured ARWEN 37
A37AM4-R Accessory Mount for ARWEN 37 Mark III for mounting Trijicon Reflex Sights
A37AM4-P Accessory Mount for ARWEN 37 Mark III for mounting Picatinny Rail Accessories


Accessory Mount for ARWEN 37 Mark I and Mark II and ARWEN ACEUK Manufactured ARWEN 37 and ARWEN ACE for mounting Trijicon Reflex Sights


Accessory Mount for ARWEN 37 Mark I and Mark II and ARWEN ACE UK Manufactured ARWEN 37 and ARWEN ACE for mounting Picatinny Rail Accessories

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