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ARWEN® 37T Tactical

ARWEN 37T Mark III - Tactical ARWEN  37

ARWEN 37T with Trijicon Reflex

ARWEN 37T Mark III pictured with optional A37AM4-R Reflex mount and Trijicon Reflex RX01 sight.

ARWEN 37T Introduction

The ARWEN 37 and its siblings are the first multi-purpose, multi-shot weapon system to combine light weight, high accuracy and the ability to fire up to 5 shots before reloading.

  • High Accuracy - Rifled barrel ensures accurate flight of projectiles
  • Safety Features - Double action trigger plus fully ambidextrous manual safety
  • Light Weight - The ARWEN 37T is made from light weight aluminum and polymer materials
  • Reliable, Light Weight Rotary Magazine - with minimal rotational torque
  • Semi-Automatic Function - Each round is automatically indexed at top dead center
  • 5 Rounds in 4 Seconds Rapid Fire
  • Fires All Original 37mm ARWEN and ARWEN Compatible Ammunition Types
  • Easy to Reload - The ARWEN 37T has a rotary magazine with a 5 shot capacity. The ARWEN 37T can be instantly topped up or exchanged with different ammunition types while being held in the firing position
  • Instant Ability to Check Magazine Status - The ammunition in the ARWEN 37T is visible from the outside of the weapon and the number and type of ammunition can easily be seen
  • Easily Field Stripped - The ARWEN 37T can be field stripped in seconds for thorough cleaning and inspection
  • Fully Ambidextrous - Can be fired from right or left shoulder without modification
  • Telescoping Butt Stock - Suited for any build or height operator
  • Minimum Maintenance Required - Certified Armourer courses available
  • Made in Canada 

The ARWEN 37T weapon is light: 2.98kg (6lb, 9oz) unloaded or 3.61kg (7lb, 15oz) loaded with 5 AR-1 baton rounds; finished in matt black and, because of its design, is very safe. It is very easy to use, being suitable for right or left-handed operators of any height or build. Exposed parts are made of anodized aluminum alloy and plastics, which are unaffected by damp environments; where steel parts are necessary, they are in shielded positions where they can be kept lubricated and protected from rust. Routine stripping, cleaning, lubrication and reassembly are easily done with the simple tools, brushes and cloths; cleaning brushes and lubricants can be provided.

A carrying sling is provided as standard and an optional carrying case can be supplied with each weapon. ARWEN 37T is easily loaded from a cartridge belt carrying two detachable fasteners which are compatible with most military style webbing. The special style of 37mm ARWEN ammunition makes an important contribution to its weight and space-saving design. The cartridge case safely contains the propellant gases without the support of a chamber: This feature contributes greatly to the simplicity of the system. When a round has been fired, the spent case is ejected to the right. Cartridge cases and batons used for training can be recovered and refurbished for re-use, keeping down training costs. 37mm ARWEN projectiles are spun by the rifled barrel, so that they are extremely accurate.

How ARWEN 37T Offers Security in the Less Lethal Role

ARWEN 37T is the first less lethal tactical weapon to combine lightness, high accuracy and the ability to fire up to 5 shots without reloading. The ARWEN 37T has the option to quickly change the ammunition type of the first round to be fired. This offers the operator a choice of tactics and a level of response unmatched by any other system. The ARWEN 37T provides you with the most effective means of less lethal projectile deployment in tactical situations.

ARWEN 37T Mark III - Tactical Technical Details

Model ARWEN 37T Mark III - Tactical
Calibre 37mm ARWEN
Cartridge Proprietary 37mm ARWEN Rebated Cartridge
Ammunition Capacity 5 Rounds - Rapidly Reloadable
Type of Action Rotary Magazine
Barrel 185mm (7.25 inch)
Rifling 5 Lands / 5 Grooves
Rate of Twist 1 in 540mm (1 in 21.3 inch) Right Hand Twist
Overall Length 640-692mm (24-27.25 inch)
Weight Unloaded 2.9kg (6lb,9oz)
Weight Loaded
with 5 AR-1 rounds
3.61kg (7lb, 15oz)

Weight Unloaded
with A37AM4 & Trijicon RX01

3.31kg (7lb, 5oz)
Colour Black

Download: ARWEN 37T Specification Sheet

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