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ARWEN® Overview


ARWEN - Anti Riot Weapon ENfield is the Father of the Less Lethal Weapon System having its origin all the way back to 1977. A lot has happened over the years since the conception of the original Royal Ordnance ARWEN Less Lethal System.

A brief background on the ARWEN® Less Lethal System

We at Police Ordnance Company Inc. have distributed and supported the ARWEN Less Lethal System since the mid 1990's. We began by distributing the Royal Ordnance manufactured ARWEN Less Lethal system in North America. In March of 2001, ARWEN was acquired by Police Ordnance Company Inc. from Royal Ordnance. Police Ordnance Company Inc. is now the sole owner, manufacturer and provider of the ARWEN Less Lethal System. We now manufacture the ARWEN Less Lethal system in Canada. Police Ordnance Company Inc. is a 100% Canadian owned and operated company. ARWEN is now proudly Canadian. ARWEN is a Registered Trademark of Police Ordnance Company Inc.

The ARWEN Less Lethal System has expanded from the original Royal Ordnance ARWEN 37 and ARWEN ACE. We now offer the ARWEN 37, ARWEN 37T Tactical, and the ARWEN 37S Shorty models of the Multi Shot ARWEN 37. The ARWEN ACE has expanded from the original Royal Ordnance model with the addition the ARWEN ACE-T Tactical and the ARWEN ACE-P Pistol variants.

Police Ordnance proudly manufactures the ARWEN 37 Mark III Less Lethal System in Canada. We have enhanced many components using modern CNC manufacturing processes. Some of the enhancements include:

AR1 Baton

ARWEN 37 Mark III Rotary Magazine Housing (Receiver) by adding an Accessory Mounting Base as an integral component of the Rotary Magazine Housing. This interfaces with the new A37-AM4 Tactical mounts. The A37-AM4-R is specifically designed to mount the Trijicon ACOG Reflex Series of Sights. The A37-AM4-P is a Military Specification Picatinny Rail interface providing an interface to any device designed for the Picatinny system.

AR1-RE Baton

Looking through ARWEN BarrelARWEN 37 mm Rifled Barrels are manufactured from the highest quality 6061T6 Aircraft grade Aluminum. ARWEN 37 mm Barrels are rifled using a proprietary CNC Controlled ECM process. Canadian ARWEN Barrels are producing 30% tighter groups at 25 meters using our "Made in Canada" AR-1 Impact Baton Munitions.

AR-1-AIR Baton

ARWEN 37 Sprockets are CNC Machined from Solid 6061T6 Aircraft Aluminum. This holds tolerances 10 times closer than the original RO Specification.


The Rear Tube on the ARWEN 37 is CNC machined from extruded 6061T6 Aircraft Aluminum Tubing. The Rear Tube has also been shortened by 50 mm (about 2 inches) as a result of user feedback. The number one modification requested for the ARWEN 37 is a shorter Rear Tube to accommodate the Officers Protective Equipment.


Other aluminum components are also CNC machined from Solid 6061T6 Aircraft Aluminum.

AR-3-OC-VALVE All Canadian manufactured ARWEN 37 Aluminum Components are Black Hard Anodized. We specify current Military Specification Anodization. The anodizing company we use is the only company certified by the US, Canadian and the UK MOD in North America. This process ensures long term durability and protection of aluminum components.

The ARWEN 37 Trigger Return Spring is manufactured from stainless steel as this component is not user serviceable. Other components are also manufactured using stainless steel where practical.

AR-99 Launching Cartridge

The ARWEN 37 employs propriety state of the art engineered resins (plastics) for non metallic components. These engineered resins contain glass fibers to add strength and durability. These components are molded using modern Computer Controlled injection molding equipment.

37mm ARWEN® Less Lethal Munitions

The ARWEN Less Lethal System is enhanced with and extensive array of 37mm ARWEN Less Lethal Munitions to further enhance the versatility of the system and to fulfill the demanding requirements of Law Enforcement and Security Professionals.

View our 37mm ARWEN® Less Lethal Munitions Section

ARWEN® Factory Support

Police Ordnance Company Inc. is fully committed to ARWEN, we continue to support every ARWEN regardless of age or place of purchase. We maintain an extensive inventory of spare parts for all variants of the ARWEN Less Lethal System. Should you have requirements for replacement parts or would like to have your existing ARWEN serviced to factory specifications, please contact us at ARWEN Support for details.

Police Ordnance offers Factory Armourer and Operator Instructor Certification. This Certification is provided in a four day ARWEN Armourer and Operator Instructor Certification Course. We have a growing list of Certified Factory Armourer and Operator Instructors.

Should your Agency have ARWEN systems it its inventory, we would appreciate hearing from you. We are in the process of creating a data base of all ARWEN users. Please contact us at ARWEN Support so we can include you and your Agency in this data base so we can continue to provide industry leading support of your ARWEN system.

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ARWEN® is a Registered Trademark of Police Ordnance Company Inc.


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