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Training Overview

We at Police Ordnance are dedicated to the Law Enforcement Professional and would like to offer real world training at an affordable cost. We are not a large training facility and likewise our classes are small and personal with a relaxed atmosphere.

Our instructors are off duty full time police officers that have years of first hand experience and knowledge about the topics they are teaching. They have also taught within their respective police services on the topics they present. If you are looking for a firearms or tactical related course that is not listed below, please contact us as we are always expanding our course selection.

Please go to our Home page for dates of upcoming courses.

If you would like to host one of our training courses, please contact us.

Armourer Courses:

ARWEN® Armourer & Instructor Course
AR15 / M16 Armourer Course
Hk MP5 Armourer Course
Rem 700 Rifle Armourer Course
Rem 870 Shotgun Armourer Course

Instructor Courses:

ARWEN® Armourer & Instructor Course
AR15 / M16 Instructor Course
Hk MP5 Instructor Course
Rem 870 Shotgun Instructor Course

Operator Courses:

AR15 / M16 Operator Course
Tactical Hk MP5 Operator Course
Tactical Pistol Skills Course
Tactical Rifle Operator Course

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