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Specials & Products available to individuals

Sales to Private Individuals

We are often contacted by individuals asking: "Do you sell your products to individuals?"

Although our primary focus is to provide leading edge products and services to Law Enforcement and Government Agencies including their members, we do offer products to the Civilian market. We often have Agency pre owned firearms we offer to the Civilian market. Due to Canadian firearms legislation some of our products are not available to the Civilian market. Products such as short barreled (unless they are "12-6 grandfathered") Hand Guns, Select Fire firearms (including their prohibited components) and Sound Suppressors (Silencer) are not available to the Civilian market.

Products from Advantage Arms, Alessi, EOTech, Fobus, Garmin, Peltor, Streamlight, TACM III, Tibor Tactical and most Trijicon products typically have no restriction for Civilian ownership.

Please contact our Civilian Sales Department for our products that are available to individuals.

Law Enforcement and Military Personnel

Police Ordnance is able to provide special pricing on new GLOCK Pistols and Accessories to not only Public Agencies, but also the personnel who currently serve with or have retired from these agencies.

If you are a current or retired officer of a public law enforcement agency, military member, fire service member, emergency services member, search and rescue service member or a provincial or federal crown attorney; you are eligible for this special pricing offer for GLOCK products.

Contact us and inquire if you are qualified for this program. We will require a photo ID proving you are a current or retired qualifying individual, along with a matching valid Firearms License.

Please contact our GLOCK Special Sales Department for more information on these programs. Provide us with the details of which GLOCK pistol model you are interested in along with a brief background of what public service you belong to and what your current status is with this service.  

GLOCK 22P Red Practice Pistols 

Now available to individuals 
The GLOCK 22P Pistols are Restricted Firearms

Practice Pistol








GLOCK practice pistols are functional in terms of loading, unloading, "Safe Action" trigger operation, manual manipulation of the slide and field stripping/disassembly. Live ammunition fire is prevented by safety features, such as serially matched plugged barrels, deactivated firing pin and solid breech-face with no firing pin hole. The chamber located safety valve equally serves as a loaded chamber indicator.

GLOCK practice pistols are an invaluable tool to practice the manual of arms for GLOCK pistols, for demonstration purposes, and for dry firing techniques, even in non-range environments. The plugged barrel is lightened by horizontal bores to preserve the same balance as live pistols.

The red pistol frame indicate a dedicated practice instrument.

  • Caliber: .40 S&W
  • Barrel: 114 mm
  • Trigger, NY1 
  • Shots: 10
  • Class: Restricted Firearm
  • Sights: GLOCK Fixed Sights
  • Condition: New in Box! 
  • Shots Fired: None
  • Warranty - Full GLOCK New Pistol Warranty 
  • Supplied with the following items:
    GLOCK Magazine Speed Loader
    GLOCK Cleaning Rod
    GLOCK Cleaning Brush
    GLOCK Pistol Box
    GLOCK Owners Manual

    CONSIGNMENT Firearms - We have a limited selection of consignment firearms available.

    Demo Firearms

    From time to time we have demo pistols that become available to the general civilian market. These are brand new pistols which have been lent out to government agencies for evaluation. These agencies test these new pistols before making a purchase decision of a new model. Often these pistols only have a few rounds put through them by the agency during the testing process. Please contact our Civilian Sales Department for more information on these firearms.

    Other Firearms

    Please contact our Civilian Sales Department for more information on the availability of other types of firearms.

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