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  Mission Statement

Police Ordnance Company Inc., headquartered in Markham, Ontario, Canada is the premier Law Enforcement products manufacturer and distributor serving the Law Enforcement professional worldwide. Police Ordnance maintains a worldwide vision to provide leading edge products specifically designed for the Law Enforcement Professional.

Police Ordnance Company Inc. is the sole owner, manufacturer and provider of the ARWEN Less Lethal System. The ARWEN Less Lethal System is the premier Less Lethal System in use by Law Enforcement Professionals worldwide.

ARWEN 37 Mk III Less Lethal Weapon
® is a Registered Trademark of Police Ordnance Company Inc.


We are committed to providing the very best products and the highest level of service to the people that place their lives on the line every day to ensure we are all protected. The next time you see a police officer, walk up to them and thank them for being there to protect you and your family.

Sales to Private Individuals 

We are often contacted by individuals asking: "Do you sell your products to individuals?" Answer

Individual Officer Program is available to qualified individuals - details

Basic Firearms Safety Rules - Important - Please read!

Docter Logo

Docter Sight II Plus
 DOCTER® Sight II Plus

We proudly offer products from the following Companies:

  • Advantage Arms Inc. 22 LR Conversion Kits
  • ARWEN® Less Lethal Systems 
  • BEAMSHOT® Professional Laser Sights
  • Docter Germany Doctor Sight / Optics
  • EOTech Weapon Sighting Systems
  • NonLethal Technologies
  • Peltor Hearing Protection
  • Police Ordnance Brand PTL Tactical LED
  • Surefire - full line distributor
  • S.T. Action Pro Action proving rounds
  • Tibor Tactical
  • Trijicon Weapon Sighting Systems
  • Direct links to these suppliers Web Sites can be found on our Contacts page.

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    Notes regarding Trademarks appearing within this Web Site.
    ® is a Registered Trademark of Police Ordnance Company Inc.
    All other Trademarks appearing on this Web Site belong to their respective owners.


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    ARWEN AR-1, AR-1-AIR, AR-3-P, AR-5-P and AR-6-P Less Lethal Munitions are now classified as UN 0012 Cartridges for Weapons, Inert Projectile 1.4S. Agencies deploying these munitions are encouracge to download the current updated Specification Sheets click here.

    Training Announcements

    ARWEN 37 Silver Logo ARWEN ACE Silver Flash
    ARWEN Armourer & Instructor Course
    More details...

    Next Course:  May 14 - May 17, 2018
    Location:        Police Ordnance
                         Markham ON.

    AR15 / M16 Armourer Course
    More details...

    Next Course:   Please Inquire
    Location:        Tactical Ordnance
                          Newmarket, ON.

     Rem 870 Shotgun
    Armourer Course
    More Details...

    Next Course:   Please Inquire                     
    Location:        Tactical Ordnance
                          Newmarket, ON.

     Rem 700 Rifle
    Armourer Course
    More Details...

    Next Course:  Please Inquire
    Location:       Tactical Ordnance
                         Newmarket ON.

    Hk Logo
    MP5 Armourer Course
    More Details...

    Next Course: Please Inquire
    Location:       Markham, ON

    Tactical Pistol Skills Course
    More Details...

    Next Course: Please Inquire.

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